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Getting Prepared for an A-133 Audit

Title: What Foundations Need to Know about Federal Funds Management

Author: Daniel Rader

Website: Council on Foundations

Article Link: Read Here!

Article Summary:

Many non-profit organizations are under pressure due to the recent struggles of the economy. This article explains some of the Federal grant opportunities out there and what government regulations you must comply with as a recipient of these grants such as A-122, A-110 and A-133 OMB Circulars. In addition, you can see where to find federal grant opportunities and how you would prepare for them.

A major concern for non-profit organizations receiving a federal grant is the lengthy audit requirements associated with it. Questions such as, “How would my audit, as a federal grantee differ from my organization’s regular audit?”, “Are there award thresholds for federal grantee audits?”, “What are the differences between types of audits, and who pays for these audits?”, and “do they come out of my grant?” are all frequent questions that are explained.

After reading this article, you may be eager to learn how to ensure internal controls are established in your organizations in order to comply with federal regulations associated with your grant. The RAFFA Learning Community has an event that will teach you just that. Sign up for our free, Getting prepared for an A-133 Audit here!

Title: Introduction to OMG Circular A-133

Author: John Meriscko


Article Link: Read Here!

Article Summary:

Nonprofit organizations that receive Federal awards and grants have specific regulations and requirements in place. This article briefly lists and explains the 14 compliance requirements that should be considered in performing audits. These compliance requirements include; activities that are allowed, cost principals and management, eligibility, provisions and more.

The Learning Community has an upcoming event  will go into detail on many of these regulations by explaining how your company can ensure internal controls are established to make sure you comply with all the requirements outlined in this article. Join us to learn how to prepare your organization for an A-133 Audit. Register here!

Accounting System Seminar Geared To Professional Services Organizations

Title: Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics

Author: Microsoft Website


Article Link: Read Here!

Article Summary:

If your company is looking for a cost-effective project management system, then Microsoft Dynamics may be perfect for you. This article outlines all of the benefits this system has to offer. Microsoft Dynamics makes it simple for you to provide your company with the tools you need to be as useful and effective as possible with a recognizable Microsoft office interface.  By using a familiar system, it reduces the time needed for training and lets your company start reaping the benefits of the system right away.

In this article you can see some of the many different options your company has when it comes to finding the right project management system. It outlines some of the different packages Microsoft has to offer with its Microsoft dynamics system. RAFFA is offering a Professional Services Accounting System seminar that will teach you exactly how a Microsoft Dynamics solution could benefit your company. Register today!

Title: “Rapid Adoption of Microsoft Dynamics Continues Across U.S. Government, Education and Health Organizations”

Author: Press Release – Microsoft Corporation


Article Link: Read Here!

Article Summary:

The article outlines the growing need for a cost effective project management system in many industries. Organizations from several different markets including government, educations and healthcare are rapidly adopting these types of systems.  The Microsoft Dynamics system gives companies the capability to address a wide variety of needs “from finance and human resources applications to information management tools”.  Realize the benefits of this system with easy-to-use tools that help with company collaboration and communication.

Many companies, from various different industries are implementing Microsoft dynamic solutions for both cost and efficiency.  The article outlines how companies are adopting this system for reasons including its flexibility and rapid time-to-value, tracking records, and improving coordination and management of information and services within a department.

Learn more about why your company may want to switch over to Microsoft dynamics, or other project management systems at RAFFAs upcoming Professional Services and Accounting Systems Seminar. Join us and find the solution that is right for you!

Healthcare Reform Today!

Title: “How US health care reform will affect employee benefits”

Author: Shubham Singhal, Jeris Stueland, Drew Ungerman


Article Link: Read Here!

Article Summary:

You may not fully realize the full effects of the new Healthcare reforms. A study by Mckinsey Quarterly predicts how the PPACA will affect employers in the next few years.  Many of changes associated with the new law will not take effect until 2014. Mckinsey expects that as more employers become aware of the Affordable Care Act, it will cause a dramatic decline in employer–provided health insurance. 

The article points out how the healthcare reform will change the way employee’s value health insurance as a form of compensation.  The new laws could cause employers to completely change the types of health care benefits they offer to their employees.  In the next few years, employers will have to reconsider and change their benefit packages.

It will be imperative for employers to make sure they fully understand the ramifications of the new health care reform. If companies drop health insurance all together, the government has the right to raise taxes or even the employer penalty.  RAFFAs upcoming seminar, Healthcare Reform Today, will help you understand the possible effects of these new laws and what lies ahead for employers over the next two years. Sign up today!

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