Back to School with the Raffa Learning Community

Fall’s here and the Raffa Learning Community is gearing up with a fresh offering of (mostly) free seminars for clients and others in the nonprofit community. Registration for September and October classes is underway on our website! Some of the classes this fall cover topics like:

  • cloud technology solutions,
  • getting prepared for A-133 audits,
  • mid-market accounting systems,
  • dashboard and web reporting,
  • social media,
  • accounting for leases,
  • dynamic volunteer engagement and
  • nonprofit financial management.

Review and sign up for upcoming classes on the Raffa Learning Community section of the website. And, if you can’t attend in person, access to Raffa Learning Community seminars is available through Live Meeting as a courtesy to Raffa clients and/or out-of-state attendees (more details can be found online).

Stay up-to-date on Learning Community seminars by registering for our newsletter and following @RaffaLearning on Twitter.

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