@RAFFALearning presents: Build Capacity with Dynamic Volunteer Engagement

Wednesday, October 31st 12:00-2:00pm

Move your engagement of volunteers up a notch – by engaging leaders and skilled volunteers to save money, make money and get the job done.  Tap more volunteers in such areas as finance, IT, marketing, graphic & web design, events planning and many other areas. See how, with the right level of support and vetting, volunteers can take on key leadership roles – even serving as part-time program managers.  Discover what motivates the new breed of volunteer to give their time and money. Findings from a recent Volunteer Engagement Stars report showcases nonprofits that leverage stakeholders in new and innovative ways.

Areas covered include:

  • Challenges faced by nonprofits in this economy and role volunteers can play
  • Spectrum of volunteer engagement framework Nonprofit culture around volunteering:  How did we get here?
  • Understanding why nonprofit staff are resistant – especially to leader volunteers
  • Success stories from local nonprofits where volunteers bring an impressive return on investment.
  • Interchangeable nature of nonprofit stakeholders: Today’s volunteer is tomorrow’s donor.
  • Shifting from volunteer management model to volunteer engagement model
  • Utilizing capacity building volunteers
  • Eight key recommendations

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 **To get prepared for next week’s event, check out this great Q&A featured in The Chronicle for Philanthropy

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