Nonprofit Finance Executives: We Want to Hear from You!

The Study on Nonprofit InvestingRaffa and Raffa Wealth Management (RWM) are launching the Study on Nonprofit Investing (SONI) survey on January 10th. The study is designed to provide senior finance executives at nonprofit organizations with peer benchmarking data on investment policies and investment performance.

“Finance executives at nonprofits today are really operating in a vacuum with regard to solid peer data about investment policies and performance,” said Dennis Gogarty, president of Raffa Wealth Management. “We created SONI to respond to this void, and to provide nonprofits with the benchmarking data they need to strengthen their policies, reach their investment potential and ultimately better serve their communities.”

Finance executives at trade associations, public charities and private foundations are encouraged to participate. You must register before January 9, 2013 via the online SONI Registration Form. Participation is anonymous and responses will be analyzed collectively. All survey respondents will receive a full copy of the results, which will be replicated annually.

The survey results will identify best practices in nonprofit investment policies including:

  • How cash reserves are segmented
  • How long-term investments are allocated
  • How to respond to temporary short falls in revenue
  • How to best manage earnings on long-term investments
  • Who has investment decision-making authority

The survey will also look at average annual ROI for each type of nonprofit surveyed including associations, charities and foundations.

Read more about the survey.

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