“Accounting to Our Community”

CSR 2011 Report CoverRaffa was recently featured in Growth Strategies, The Journal of Accounting Marketing and Sales, for our leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. Their special section on this topic noted that many accounting firms are adding CSR consulting, accounting and auditing services for their clients, but that few, like Raffa, have fully adopted their own CSR practice.

The Raffa case study, “An Accounting Form that ‘Walks the Walk,’” notes:

“Two years ago, the firm was providing a wide range of financial and nonfinancial help to dozens of organizations — a small check to one charity, another to a community group, and so on. But there wasn’t any rhyme or reason to who got help and who didn’t. Plus, requests for charitable and volunteer help were flowing in from recession-hurting nonprofits.

“The firm began a comprehensive program to develop a sound CSR approach and goals. It audited and examined its financial donations, in-kind giving, pro bono efforts, use of nonprofit suppliers and volunteerism. The firm also assessed its environmental footprint, which instigated a move to a paperless operation. Raffa published its first CSR report, “Accounting to Our Community,” and is about to issue its second.”

Both of our CSR Annual Reports are available on our website – and our 2012 report will be released this Spring! We invite you to read about our work with the community, and about our corporate philosophy of “doing well by doing good” via the Community Impact section of our new website.

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