Sharing “Hope”

Hope House DCRaffa’s January/February Denim Day was devoted to raising money and awareness for Hope House DC, an organization one of our employees has been supporting on his own time for more than a decade.

Simply because of his belief in their mission, Nate Solloway a manager with Raffa Technology, has provided Hope House with his technical know-how to help keep their systems – made up of totally donated computer equipment – functioning year in and year out.

Since 1998, Carol Fennelly and her team at Hope House have supported DC’s imprisoned fathers and their children.

Nate noted, “In DC, there are no prisons, so fathers are shipped hours away from their children. Too often they end up detached from their families with no relationships with their children. When the fathers are released from prison, they no longer have a connection with their kids. Hope House is changing that one family at a time.”

Through the programs of Hope House, fathers earn time for good behavior to visit with their children via a secure video teleconferencing system between Hope House and their prison facility. They are able to read books to their sons and daughters, encourage them to be on their best behavior and simply maintain a connection. Hope House also coordinates week-long summer camps at the prisons where the children and their fathers get to spend five hours a day together.

“Studies show that, no matter the crime committed, fathers participating in the Hope House program are not creating problems in prison and they have a lower recidivism rate once they are released,” said Nate. “And, the kids who are involved also have fewer problems and are less likely to be involved in the justice system themselves. It’s a program that is working.”

“I work with nonprofits everyday, but I have to say Hope House runs on one of the more shoestring budgets I’ve ever seen. Everything is donated. Every dollar donated goes to support the kids, the program, the summer camp,” he added. “I knew whatever we could raise during our Denim Day would go a long way at Hope House.”

All monies raised on Denim Day are matched by Tom Raffa. Raffa’s staff donated $750 for Hope House, which was matched for a total donation of $1,500. “To this group, it’s a fortune,” said Nate.

If you’d like to learn more about Hope House DC, or make a donation of your own, visit their website:

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One Response to Sharing “Hope”

  1. It is a wonderful service Hope House is providing. In this day where so many forces are against families staying in tact, it is so nice to learn of one more force on the side of the family.

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