RWM Provides Financial Training for Association Client

Raffa Wealth Management (RWM) was recently invited by the American College of Radiology (a Raffa client) to offer a session on the fundamentals of financial planning to their younger members.

ACR found that many of the new radiologists who were getting out of school and starting their careers didn’t have time to focus on basic financial planning practices, and ACR believed getting some basic training and advice from an independent source would be a great benefit to their members.

Raffa Wealth Management’s Dennis Gogarty and Chase Deters provided an hour-long session covering the basics, including:

  • budgeting,
  • cash flow analysis,
  • debt management,
  • insurance needs,
  • asset allocation,
  • estate planning,
  • retirement savings and
  • how to pick a financial planner.

“Any association with young, busy members can offer this type of training as a great benefit to help their members start their careers and their financial practices on the right foot,” said Gogarty, president of RWM.

View the PowerPoint presentation from the session via SlideShare:

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