AIDS/LifeCycle Second Update

Day2As it turns out, Dennis was right. Flat doesn’t exist in California.

The assurance from ride officials that Day 2 was ‘mostly flat’ was apparently open to interpretation and garnered some comments from the riders that I can’t repeat here!

But judging from the new photos he sent us, Dennis pulled through and looks no worse for the wear and tear! Although the ride is difficult, he’s having a great time and continues to thank everyone for their wonderful support.

photo2Day 2 dawned cold and overcast for the longest ride of the week from Santa Cruz to King City. Officially 108.1 miles. Yes kiddies, that is 20 miles longer than Day 1. No wonder Dennis writes that Advil and Icy Hot are his new BFFs.

But the day was not without its fun. Apparently the scenery is spectacular and there was one stop to taste the famous fried artichokes. Yummy!

photo3The pit stop theme seems to be something to do with construction – unclear on that – but isn’t it a great photo of Dennis? Still standing!

Eric (Left) and Dennis (Right)

Eric (Left) and Dennis (Right)

Dennis writes that Monday evening was very windy at the camp ground in King City. “Luckily for Eric (my tent mate) and I, we over packed.” Ergo, the tent stayed put.

Dennis also wrote that he was happy to have managed to stay ahead of the SAG (support and gear) car on the day’s longest ride and was able to enjoy all the stops.

We’re happy and proud of you too Dennis!

Let’s keep sending our best thoughts to the west coast for Dennis’ journey.

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