AIDS/LifeCycle Third Update

Day3We have the latest update from Raffa Managed Accounting Services Partner, Dennis Shine! He provided us with brand new photos and experience from his AIDS/LifeCycle Ride to End AIDS.

Word for the Day – Quad Buster. More on that later.

Day 3 took the riders from King City to Paso Robles in only 66.7 miles. Please . . . . piece of cake! Total miles traveled 257.3 or 47.5% of total route complete.

group_photo“All things considered Day 3 was one of my ‘easier’ rides.”

The photos we are receiving each day from Dennis continue to be on the lighter side and would appear that everyone is having a great time!

Dennis (second from the right) is shown left with more members of the Capitol Bike Chain.

dennis_tiffanyDennis is making new friends (photo right) which is always good for us back in the office to hear. (You hate to send them off into the cold, cruel, world alone!)

“I met a new friend, Tiffany originally from the Carolinas but now lives in NYC. This was our first rest stop before Quad Buster hill.”

Quad Buster hill? If a hill needs to be named, that can’t be good.

“What is a quad buster you ask? A long steep incline climb. To be exact 1.3 miles and a 12% climb. I am happy to report, I survived the quad buster. Woo Hoo!”

stop3And the race officials are keeping spirits up (if not angering them!) and managing to spoof everything with daily costume changes.
(photo left)

Apparently no subject is off limits!

Dennis (second from left) seems to be dragging tent mate Eric (far left) into the fray.

But on a more somber note, we know the race is grueling. And for good reason. The cause is a serious one.

So we chose to use this photograph and message from Dennis as part of today’s missive. Dennis opted for lunch at an elementary school along the route.


The letter reads: “Dear Rider, Do your best, never give up. Thanks for making a difference.; Thanks for riding to help people who have aids. I’m proud you. You are amazing. Love, Kasey”

“Their annual fundraiser to raise money for kids trying to go to college. My cheeseburger was delicious!”

“The letter from the student is from one of kids were I stopped and ate lunch. The donation I made was worth every penny.”

As he says, “This letter says it all.”

“All I had was 20 miles back to camp after lunch. I stopped at rest stop 4 at Barbie’s Dream Stop and then was hoping for smooth sailing into camp. Well needless to say the last 11 miles was hell. At times the winds were so strong I didn’t think I was moving.”

“Returning to camp was on my mind all day as four of us decided to stay in a hotel for the night. As they say on the ride, I was ‘Princessing.’ Call it what you want, but my body was excited for a soak in the jacuzzi.”

Dennis continues to send his thanks to all his supporters who graciously donated in his name to this cause and is looking forward to Day 4 as he hits the half way point to Los Angeles.

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