AIDS/LifeCycle Fourth Update

Dennis in his Raffa Do More custom jersey.

Dennis in his Raffa Do More custom jersey.

Day 4 – Raffa Do More & Halfway to LA!

Paso Robles to Santa Maria. Total Distance 97.7 Miles. Whew! Close to 100 miles again! Two days of ‘century’ rides in one week. Now that’s Doing More!

When we last left Dennis, he was ‘princessing’ (his word not mine!) and living the life of luxury in a fairground motel in Paso Robles. Hmmmm . . . . I’m not sure that sentence makes sense but let’s hope the jacuzzi was worth it!

Day4Apparently, after dinner Dennis was acknowledged at the daily fundraising update. Seems that Dennis is continuing to garner donations and his teammates made a lot of noise when his name was announced as having gone over the 25 and a half thousand mark. $25,656 to be exact!

Me thinks Dennis was a bit embarrassed.

So in the interest of embarrassing Dennis a bit more, I am including a link to his donation page. Go fer it ya’ll!

75_togo_Day4v2From all the photographs Dennis sent for Day 4, it was a busy day with lots to be accomplished – from photo ops to amazing views, riding 50 miles before lunch (yes, there’s that) and going over the halfway point. The general thrill of knowing that the race is half over brings with it the reality for the riders of truly knowing that they can do this.

See complete Photo Gallery at the Raffa Do More Facebook page.


Dennis atop “Evil Twins” hills.

First up for Day 4 was Evil Twins. Two hills with views that are nothing short of spectacular.

“I got to see stunning vistas and ocean views that give way to sprawling fields and quaint seaside towns.”

“Evil Twins was a total of 1800 feet of elevation. After the previous days on the ride, I am starting to wonder if any of the climbs will not seem daunting. The rides on the West Coast are much longer than the roads I train on. If I stay focused and don’t think too much on how much further until the top of the hill, I am much better. I am happy to report, the Evil twins had nothing on me.”


Half Way to LA! Dennis is victorious!

That’s the DO MORE spirit!

Next up, photo ops.

“I waited with most other riders for the ‘tourist pic’ of the day – Halfway to LA! I couldn’t pass it up.”

It is an awesome photo! And check out the view!

“But waiting for close to one hour had its consequences. Race against the SAG bus for the rest of the day. Once again, my friends and I won. We finished the day with about 15 minutes to spare.”

And look who was waiting to greet them!

Teresa_Day4v2“After completing the 97.7 mile ride, I was thrilled to see Teresa who showed me where to park my bike.”

Day 5 is the shortest day of riding and also Red Dress day. Inspired by early participants on the ride to create a red ribbon bicycle parade along the switchbacks after Rest Stop 2.

We’ll be waiting for that picture when riders take to the hills.

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