AIDS/LifeCycle Fifth Update

ribbonDay 5 of the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride to End AIDS was a sentimental one, as riders were requested to wear red. Dennis explains, “This tradition started years ago when the cyclists were asked to wear red, so when riding in the hills that day, all of the red would look like red ribbons.”

“No matter how sore everyone was feeling today, the sea of red made everything so much better.”


Roommate Eric (left), Capital Bike Group member Michael (center), and Dennis (right)

Apparently, many riders misinterpret the tradition, making for a new and hilarious tradition.

“It is stated to be known that some riders mistakenly overheard ‘wear red day’ to ‘red dress day’, hence the day brings out all sorts of elaborate costumes.”

Elaborate indeed!

Day5Luckily, Day 5 consisted of a 42 mile ride (piece of cake!) from Santa Maria to Lompoc, which meant more time to hang with friends at camp. Dennis shared with us, “We had time to relax at camp and took advantage of town not being far away & we decided to eat out and treated ourselves to Pizza & Beer. Perfect recovery food!”

Mmm! Who doesn’t want pizza and beer after a nice, easy ride over the California mountains? (I can’t believe I’m calling 42 miles easy – then again, compared to Dennis’ two days of 100+ mile rides, this must have been like riding 2 blocks!)

Between the hilarity of all the elaborate costumes, the yummy pizza and beer, and the emotion of a ribbon of red riders trailing down the California coast, it was a fantastic day. The cherry on top of the cake?


The “Annies” mix in the sea of red.

“My funny moment of the day, the weather was overcast & chilly a good part of the day. One of the teams all dressed as Little Orphan Annie (there had to be about 15 of them). At camp and at each rest stop they would skip through the crowd. At one of the stops, I was feeling chilly and wanted some sun for warmth. I met 4 of the Annies and asked, “Hey Annies, When is the sun going to come out?”. Their response in unison, “Tomorrow”. This made me giggle all the way to lunch.”

Dennis is continuously grateful for all of the support and well wishes during his ride. Let’s make sure to keep him in our thoughts and push him to the finish line in LA!

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