AIDS/LifeCycle Sixth Update

Day6Almost done! Day 6 found Dennis cycling 84.3 miles from Lompoc to Ventura. So close, but still a ways to go. After starting off for the day, Dennis explains, “I was hoping my body wouldn’t fail me now.” Luckily, it didn’t!

Like most other days, the morning started off overcast & chilly. So clearly TV lies, because every show presents California as all sunshine and continuous warmth! I never would have thought California = overcast & chilly. Clearly, Dennis thought the same. “I wasn’t expecting this weather at all for California.”

cycle kitThe last leg of the ride had the participants riding on the highway, which Dennis “was not a big fan of. The cars & trucks whizzing by us always caused me tense up.” You are a brave, brave man Dennis. Cars and trucks always cause me to tense up too, and I’m usually in a car when they go by!

“I also experienced my first flat tire. Some kids in one of the towns thought it would be funny to put staples in the road. Luckily for me, I was close to the lunch rest stop & one of the Cannondale volunteers changed my tire.” Goodness! Kids do the darndest (and most dangerous!) things.

heavenhellSpeaking of rest stops! The day’s theme was “Heaven & Hell”, though it seemed like the kids from earlier left a heavier emphasis on the “Hell” portion. Doesn’t Dennis look so adorable in his devil horns? We all know they’re just holding up his real, invisible halo!


Day 6 ended with a fun beach party, courtesy of The Paradise Pit. They provided ice cream to all of the riders as they entered camp and cranked up the music. Judging from the photos, everyone seems to be having a great time! They must all sense that the finish line is so close!

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