Raffa Wealth Management Ranked by CNBC

After just seven years in business, Raffa Wealth Management, an affiliated Raffa company, has been ranked by CNBC on their Top 100 Fee-Only Wealth Management Firms.

“The reason we’ve been so successful in such a short amount of time is that we tapped into an un-met need in the investment marketplace. Many investors – both institutional and individual – have been frustrated by the lack of transparency about investment fees and risks. Our approach is different and it has clearly set us apart from our competitors,” said Dennis Gogarty, President of Raffa Wealth Management (RWM).

“We think investors are best served when their investment plan is simple, clear, and inexpensive. This approach serves investors better because it allows them to take more precise and reliable risks and there is less of a drag on bottom line results. This approach, that simple is better, is different. It doesn’t appeal to everyone, but clearly, there were a lot of investors that had been poorly served by the more expensive and inherently less reliable approach that has dominated the investment marketplace for generations,” he said.

And, what is a fee-only wealth management firm? RWM explains on their blog:

“Fee only advisors’ sole source of compensation is the advisory fee directly invoiced to the client for managing their investment portfolio. This is not to be confused with fee based advisors which, in addition to a management fee, can also receive payment through commissions from using certain products in client portfolios, or performing certain transactions.”

Read their post How do you Pay for Investment Advice? for more.

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