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My team received an email recently from a consultant outside of our firm who was expressing his gratitude for the work we did with a mutual client. The extent to which he called out each team member by name and detailed specifically the activities for which he was saying “thank you” made an impression on me. This particular e-mail was not sent to the employees’ supervisors to try to make the employees look good…rather it was a genuine expression of gratitude to the employees themselves.

How often do we as leaders or managers of organizations take the time to so genuinely say “thank you” to our team members for the contributions they make?

Of all the motivating factors that inspire employees to perform their best every day, feeling genuinely appreciated by their supervisors is at the top of the list. By simply taking the time to notice the contributions of your employees and taking the time to express gratitude for their contributions, you can positively impact the working environment which leads to healthier, happier employees and greater gains for the organization as a whole.

My team works almost exclusively with nonprofit clients and we are frequently asked to describe our ideal client. Most people who ask this question expect us to respond by describing a particular industry or employer size, but I hear my folks respond over and over that our ideal client is the client who perceives value in the services we provide, who respects us as individuals and who appreciates our HR expertise.

Too often employees hear only about the ways in which they can improve and become better, which is important feedback, but equally or perhaps even more important is making sure that you balance the constructive feedback with demonstrating your appreciation for your employees. The next time you are meeting with one of your employees, take the time to recognize a specific incident in which you feel the employee added value to the organization. I guarantee that you’ll receive a huge return on that investment!

For more information regarding this post or how Raffa, P.C. can help your organization, please contact the author, Simone Putnam, Partner of our Human Resources Practice, at or 202-955-6770.

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