We’re podcasting! 1st Lead. Learn. Thrive. podcast coming next week!

PodcastCoverArt.jpgWe love a good podcast, and we’re hoping our new Lead. Learn. Thrive. podcast series will be a great addition to your listening lineup!
Raffa’s podcast series, which has grown out of our Raffa Learning Community effort, will feature interviews with interesting nonprofit and private sector leaders and the consultants who help them Do More.
We’re starting our series with a conversation among some of our own Raffa leaders: Tom Raffa and Julie Jones are talking with Tom Adams about what makes organization’s hum. They’ve been helping nonprofit organizations succeed for more than 30 years (50 years combined, but who’s counting?!). Tune in next week and learn from their experience!
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One Response to We’re podcasting! 1st Lead. Learn. Thrive. podcast coming next week!

  1. raffadomore says:

    We’ve received a few questions about the new podcast – excited by all the interest!

    We will be posting recorded podcast interviews at least once a month. Sign up for the Raffa e-newsletter to be alerted as soon as a new episode is available: https://www.raffa.com/newsandresources/pages/newsletters.aspx

    Once the podcasts are live, they will be available via iTunes (in addition to be posted to this blog) and we’ll provide that iTunes link.

    We’ll also be asking for suggestions on topics and guests – that survey will also come via the e-newsletter. Thanks for all the interest!

    (Also, if you need a little background on exactly what a podcast is, check out the iTunes FAQ: http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/fanfaq.html)

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