Quick Tips to Help Make Dynamics SL Work for You

By Michael Krawiec, Raffa Technology

Short cuts, favorites, screen and report templates, flexible menus: SL is full of features to help make the user experience more productive and useable. Who would not want that? Dynamics SL is a highly flexible and customizable ERP application with the ability to make minor and major system and user enhancements from making minor screen modifications to adding new custom modules. And, just like life itself, sometimes the smallest changes make a world of difference.

Among the simplest SL tools that can make an organization’s or user’s experience more productive are the use of keyboard shortcuts, templates and tailored menus to streamline user options and guide users through the business process.

F keys

Dynamics SL and Microsoft keyboard shortcuts are available to everyone in SL. These include not just the usual Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v copy and paste functions but many others. If you are wondering what you can do to help others improve their SL proficiency, try these out. Check your SL user documentation or Raffa for a more complete listing.

Ctrl+N            New      (allows you to start a new document)
Ctrl+D            Delete
Ctrl+F            Finish    (finish performs Save & new all at once)
Ctrl Home    First      (takes you to the first record in that field)
Ctrl End        Last      (takes you to the last record in that field)
Ctrl+Z            Undo paste

Page Down    Moves you record by record to most recently created
Page Up          Moves you record by record to oldest document

Function (F) keys:  Some favorites to remember:

F1        Opens SL Help specific to the screen you are on
F2        In a date field, brings up the relative period or relative date values; in a text field, allows enables cursor movement inside the field (including “Home” & “End”)
F3        Opens PV list or the calendar on date fields.  If you prefer the mouse, double right click on the field.
F4        Toggles between “Field View” and “Grid View” in your detail areas.
F5        Clears the value in a field
F7        Inserts today’s date in a date field
F9        Opens the “Yellow note” for editing
F10      Places system focus on the Solomon Tool Bar

Dynamics SL also has a very flexible menu management system to help augment and control the user experience. You can, for example, customize the SL menu to add your company or organization logo or use SL’s favorites menu to add a core list of often-used screens by user to your SL home page. These can be set by right clicking any menu choice and selecting “Add to Favorites …” However, one of the most powerful menu-related customizations you can make is to tailor the user’s view of SL menus by group and/or generate role- or process- based menus. These can be particularly handy when employing temporary staff, or to remind staff who do not perform a function regularly what the correct system steps are for performing a business process. Steps and process instructions can be embedded in the overall menu and direct the user in their use of SL. You can even add menu links to external applications or frequently visited websites. All of this can be accomplished through the use of SL’s built-in Menu Maintenance.

Finally, consider using Dynamics SL’s template functionality to help with routine data entry tasks and reporting filters. Screen templates can help with repetitive data entry tasks and report templates can be used to filter reports by date, relative date and key IDs (such as account and vendor). Both can save time and improve accuracy of staff.

As always, the Raffa Technology team stands ready to help with any custom work and support you may need. Contact Michael Krawiec at mkrawiec@raffa.com for any questions on Dynamics SL.

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