Ready, Set, Dynamics GP 2016

By Adrienne D. Thomas, Raffa Technology

You will soon be able to manage business from anywhere with the introduction of Dynamics GP 2016. Microsoft anticipates delivering the new release in May (you can watch sessions from their flagship event, Microsoft Envision, which was held in early April).

What are the expected new features to come? The new release includes strong additional HTML functionality, all in one document viewers, workflow enhancements, and top requested features by its customers.


Let’s take a look at the new features in more detail…

The HTML 5 Web Client

html5iconsA primary focus of GP 2016 is to enhance the cloud experience by maturing the web client. HTML 5 will provide users with better web performance and allow them to fully utilize and navigate GP for the first time. Navigation will be accessible by the newly appearing “hamburger icon” or three horizontal bars in the upper left of the user interface. It will also give users the flexibility to use the GP client on any device providing it has a HTML 5 browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Organizations will now have significantly more flexibility in their deployment and licensing options.

All in One Document Viewers (Sales and Inventory)

The All in One View feature allows users to access one window for all related documents for a single transaction. Users will be able to select the items to display by clicking options and marking document types they want to drill down into. Currently, this functionality is already available in the Purchasing module and will be added to both the Sales and Inventory modules. The viewer will be available in several windows including the Maintenance screens, inquiry screens, navigation lists and the home page.



Workflow Enhancements

Users will now have more control over defining the workflow process with the ability to reassign approvers. Emails can be enabled and routed to alert users of changes in workflow events such as delegation, escalation, and alternate approvers. With this feature, managers can now easily delegate approvals to an assistant or project manager as needed with minimal disruption while possibly enhancing utilization.


SmartList Enhancements

Users will now be able to import and export SmartLists from one client install to another. Additionally, the Designer can be used to create a new SmartList from an existing SmartList favorite. While creating the new SmartList the user conveniently does not have to remove all the default columns which will save time and frustration. Lastly, as users export SmartList results to Excel the numbers will be formatted as “number” not “text.”

Power BI Reports on GP Home Page

This exciting new data analysis tool turns a homepage into a powerful power bidashboard of analytic snapshots. It will facilitate immediate insight into business health, performance and data management trends. Decision makers can have access to actionable data at their fingertips and make necessary changes timely and effectively.

To learn more about implementing or upgrading to Dynamics GP 2016 contact:

And, check out Microsoft’s blog series on Dynamics GP 2016 (scheduled for May through July.)

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