Customizations in Microsoft Dynamics SL

By Michael Krawiec, Raffa Technology

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a highly flexible and customizable ERP application with the ability to make a wide range of system and user enhancements, from making minor screen modifications to adding new custom modules.

Dynamics SL offers a unique module, the Customization Manager, to help you make these high impact changes to your SL system and tailor the environment to the organization’s needs. This SL module allows skilled users and IT staff to make changes to the way SL screens are presented and, to a limited degree, behave.

The Customization Manager allows users to modify standard Microsoft Dynamics SL screens quickly and easily. In addition to simple straightforward screen customizations such as making fields required, changing the tab order or removing a field, the range of customizations a system administrator or user can make extend to complex customizations that include custom programming. These types of changes are usually best made by experienced consultants or programmers as they may involve the creation of new code, custom views or tables.

Following are some of the most frequent changes that are made using Customization Manager:

  • Making fields required that are not normally requiredMDSLCM
  • Hiding or moving fields on a screen
  • Setting the default values of a field or fields
  • Adding new user data fields to a screen; SL has flexible user fields available for text, dates and numbers of various lengths for each screen
  • Making fields view-only for a specific user
  • Adjusting screen order and look to facilitate repetitive data entry tasks

Customizations can be global, applying to all users, or specific to an SL group or user. The majority of screen customizations, especially those listed above, are simple and do not take long to apply.

Best of all, Dynamics SL modifications made via the Customization Manager are made within the Dynamics SL environment. As such, they generally upgrade to new versions of SL easily and painlessly as the customizations are stored in the SL database and are converted right along with the rest of the SL data. So, upgrade concerns are minimal.

If you would like to explore making your Dynamics SL installation more user friendly and dynamic for your organization, check your SL product documentation, Microsoft online or the SL user community for more information on the Customization Manager module. Our team at Raffa is ready and available to provide assistance as well! Contact Michael Krawiec at

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