Ep. 18 – Effective Leadership: How to Achieve and Maintain It

In this episode of the Lead. Learn. Thrive. Podcast, Managing Director of Raffa’s Search, Transition and Planning Department, Karen Schuler speaks again with CEO of Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, Tony Cancelosi about leadership effectiveness and what it takes to achieve it.

Karen Schuler and Tony Cancelosi

Cancelosi indicates a number of key aspects that have proven to make a successful leader. He identifies that leaders must recognize the “things you have to fix” within an organization from an early stage in one’s leadership role.

A common misconception that CEOs tend to make is that one must make all changes at the same time. Through a profound analogy to Lego toys, Cancelosi indicates that it is necessary to analyze and build, rather than to change everything in one go-around.

Image and reputation building is also addressed within this episode. Cancelosi notes that internal infrastructure is imperative to growth as well as effective communication with all staff members. Overall commitment to the organization is essential.

For further questions or concerns, please email ecrowley@raffa.com.

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