How Can A CIO Impact Your Organization?

By Marisa Mancini, Raffa Technology

Technology is always changing, always evolving. But many organizations struggle to keep up, preferring to use outdated systems that do not fully serve their needs. Information Technology (IT) staff are often hesitant to venture beyond the familiar and find themselves unable or unwilling to explore the always-expanding world of technology for solutions that more effectively and efficiently meet the organization’s driving mission. Do not let your organization get stuck in the past – a CIO may be able to help!

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is an executive in charge of Information Technology (IT) strategy and computer systems, who will ensure that your business is using the best technology available to support your unique objectives. When you bring a CIO onto your executive team, you bring invaluable expertise to the table, vital to maximizing your organization’s success. This expertise includes understanding of legal obligations surrounding your organization’s collection of data, cybersecurity threats and disaster recovery, and cost-benefit analyses of your organization’s software systems. A CIO knows the technology market, and will use this knowledge to establish strategic partnerships with the right service providers.

Your CIO is an expert in your organization’s IT systems and staff, able to establish service frameworks, set security policies, and manage your IT team. But he/she is also a business manager, proficient in project management, budget management, and customer engagement analysis. This means that your CIO acts as a bridge between your Executive Team and IT staff, while connecting the dots between Business Objectives and Technology Systems. Without a CIO, your organization’s executives are left in the dark when it comes to their IT staff: unaware of what IT does, what IT should be doing, and what IT is capable of doing. The result is a disconnect between IT personnel and executive leadership, leaving your organization operating below full capacity, stuck using software that does not match your business objectives and perhaps unaware of what technological alternatives are available.

As technology evolves and grows, the role of a CIO naturally expands and shifts. Join the Raffa Technology department for our next seminar, “The Changing Role of Today’s CIO,” on September 6th, 2017 where we discuss this ever-changing role, and give you the information you need to get the most out of your CIO, your IT staff, and your technology systems. Kerry Mickelson, Raffa’s CIO for Hire, will share his experiences as a CIO for various organizations and speak about the various jobs a CIO can do for your organization and the world of technology that a CIO can introduce you to. You will also learn about the many ways Raffa can help you with your CIO needs, including our CIO for Hire program.

We look forward to speaking with you, and working with you to ensure your organization’s success!

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