Ep. 19 – Cloud Security: Extending Beyond 4 Walls

In this episode of the Lead. Learn. Thrive. Podcast, Nate Solloway, Systems Engineer/Outsourced IT Manager at Raffa and Martin Nash, Senior Vice President and Director of Information Security at EagleBank, discuss cyber security in the cloud from multiple perspectives. These include (but are not limited to) the cloud’s definition, its positive components, as well as potential risks it poses.

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Nate Solloway and Martin Nash

Solloway and Nash agree early on that the general understanding of the cloud is that “it is out there” somewhere and usually has an affiliation with the internet. However, no one can seem to agree on a singular definition. While this might be the case, our hosts indicate that more and more of the population is beginning to gain a general understanding of the cloud. It is recommended to sit down with your organization, agree upon how the cloud can help, and then to move forward with this in mind.

Oftentimes an organization will use a provider to store information through cloud security. In this case, an organization must consider how much they trust this provider and do their due diligence to identify if this provider is reliable.

Data breaches are discussed within this episode as well, and Solloway and Nash touch upon how they can change as a result of cloud services. The hosts recognize that “everyone should have a data breach plan.”

As the episode continues, vulnerabilities such as passwords and ransomware are discussed. The hosts identify potential ways to avoid conflict and to look out for suspicious behavior. Nash uses an interesting analogy relating to theft in houses in order to relate cyber threats to more commonly known ones.

Finally, a large theme is presented throughout: while the cloud offers immense support, organizations should be aware of risks from players looking to gain information from weak targets who pose as the easiest opportunity.

Want to hear more? Join Nate Solloway and Martin Nash for a complimentary seminar on October 5th, 2017 in Washington, DC entitled “Mitigating Cybersecurity and Cyber Fraud Risk in Your Organization.” Click here to register.

Questions about anything mentioned in this podcast? Contact Nate Solloway at nsolloway@raffa.com.

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