Ep. 25 – Benefit Corps and the B Assessment: How to Align Your Business Mission With Impactful Results

In this episode of the Lead. Learn. Thrive. Podcast, Joe Weedon of Raffa discusses the importance of Benefit Corporations and the B Assessment with Mark Frieden, President of Crossbow Strategies. They talk about how and why companies are able to do well by doing good, starting from within their organization.

Mark starts us off by discussing what exactly a B Corporation entails, as well as how companies can become certified. He mentions the importance of B Corporations and how they are able to better treat their employees by providing good benefits and a fair amount of time to dedicate to volunteer work.

Benefit Corporations also attract suitable employees “who are aligned with the mission,” according to Joe, as many who aim to work at these companies value the positive qualities of B Corporations.

Furthermore, the B Assessment is explained in detail. It is nothing short of a rigorous process, but Mark affirms that it is worth the work. He credits Tom Raffa as describing the process as “a good housekeeping seal of approval for the entire company, not…just a product.”

Joe and Mark tie up the episode by discussing upcoming events as well as the importance of networking with B Corporations. B Local Mid-Atlantic is hosting a happy hour on Tuesday, April 3rd. These events are open to anyone who might be interested in learning about local business.

Joe leaves us with the notion that B Corporations must “give a percentage back to the community” and Mark indicates that the company can “make…small changes over time [to] improve the value of your business.” Head to the B Corp website to learn more.

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