Ep. 26 – Successful Government Contracting: It’s the People and the Systems

In this episode of the Lead. Learn. Thrive. Podcast, Sharon Tiger, Vice President of Business Development at Raffa Financial Services and Glenn Anstead, a partner in Raffa’s technology practice, discuss government contracting and their rules and regulations.

Glenn recommends that an organization implement the correct system required by a contract before winning the actual work. There is an advantage if the organization already has the correct system in place, and Sharon notes that it “cuts out some of the snags” that might come up later. PodcastCoverArt

Glenn continues by noting that challenges may arise if the staff does not understand the new uniform guidance. If the org doesn’t “run it correctly, [your org] can be seen as deficient.”

Glenn identifies two areas to ensure that the new uniform guidance is used correctly and efficiently: bringing the right people on board and implementing the right system to support the organization.

The need for a compliant system is key. Glenn relates the idea to that of a Swiss Army knife – an organization should use a system that is specifically designed for government contracting, rather than a system that can merely work with government contracting.

Furthermore, Sharon and Glenn discuss the use of a dashboard and its importance. Ensuring that the system is flexible and runs smoothly is highly important. If this is not the case, Glenn states that it might be “time to look at a new system.”

Sharon leaves us with some fun “would you rather” questions – a great way to end the podcast.

Tune in for helpful guidance and some laughs!

If you would like to learn more about government contracting systems, contact Glenn Anstead at ganstead@raffa.com or 301-279-6503.



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