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Ep 4 – How Nonprofits Use Strategic Planning to Accomplish Missions

In this Lead. Learn. Thrive. podcast episode, Raffa’s Tom Adams and the University of Maryland’s Dr. Rob Sheehan discuss how nonprofit organizations use strategic planning to achieve their missions. Leadership and strategy complement each other. Effective leaders know where they … Continue reading

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What Attendees Say about RLC Events

We put a lot of thought and effort into our Raffa Learning Community, and we want to keep improving the offerings to nonprofits and social enterprises. In addition to individual session feedback, we conduct an annual survey of attendees to … Continue reading

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Ep. 1 – Keys to Translating Passion into Impact: Leadership, Strategy and Systems

Hosted by Tom Adams, the discussion with Raffa’s Tom Raffa, Julie Jones and Rachael Gibson offers key insights into how leaders do (and don’t) combine leadership, strategy and systems to turn their passion into impact. Continue reading

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Participate Now: 2016 Study on Nonprofit Investing

Now in its fourth year, the Study on Nonprofit Investing (SONI) answers the question “how do nonprofits invest their reserves.” Participation in the study calls for nonprofit executives to complete a short survey about their investments and investment-related policies. Once … Continue reading

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We’re podcasting! 1st Lead. Learn. Thrive. podcast coming next week!

We love a good podcast, and we’re hoping our new Lead. Learn. Thrive. podcast series will be a great addition to your listening lineup! Raffa’s podcast series, which has grown out of our Raffa Learning Community effort, will feature interviews with interesting nonprofit and … Continue reading

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Secrets to PCI Compliance

Nate Solloway, Raffa Technology Are you having issues with passing PCI Compliance? Every year, more of our clients are required to pass PCI Compliance checks as a part of the day-to-day business of taking credit cards for merchandise at events. The … Continue reading

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Controlling Phishing Emails

Evette Collins, Raffa Technology No one is immune to the seemingly endless barrage of phishing e-mails that greet us in our e-mail inboxes daily. Great spam filters, firewalls and multi-million dollar internet providers cannot provide complete protection to keep the … Continue reading

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