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Poor Communication: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

There’s plenty of evidence that communication can make or break a company’s reputation. Social media storms can quickly turn into PR tornados, wiping out individuals, brands, and even entire businesses who post without thinking. Because of this real and present … Continue reading

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Pets in the Office: Do They Work?

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that everyone loves an adorable puppy. Admit it. You’re only reading this because that doggie pic is just so darn cute! But is bringing Mr. Wiggles to work taking it … Continue reading

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When Employee Turnover is Actually Good

We spend a lot of time cursing the ill effects of turnover. It’s disruptive. It’s expensive. It’s a sign of poor company culture and/or leadership. And while all of these things are generally true, there are certain times when turnover … Continue reading

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Your Brand May Not Be What You Think It Is

Someone in your organization has probably spent a lot of time thinking about the company brand. Perhaps there has also been a very large financial investment made to develop just the right look, feel and message. This is good, and … Continue reading

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ROI on Valuing Your Employees – PRICELESS! | Nonprofit HR Blog

My team received an email recently from a consultant outside of our firm who was expressing his gratitude for the work we did with a mutual client. The extent to which he called out each team member by name and … Continue reading

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How NOT to use Google Chat | Nonprofit HR Blog

The technology that we have access to today is mind boggling in its ability to connect people in a practically unlimited number of ways. Despite the arguments against technology as hampering our young folks’ social development, I am a huge … Continue reading

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